Dumponthehill, what’s that all about?

Dumponthehill or Dump on the hill is the domain name used for my website or the URL. Also used for Shop the selling site.

It has been said that some people find the name of the site offensive so I decided to write down the reasons for the choice of the name and to assure people that it is not meant in a ofensive way.



How Dumponthehill was decided upon.

If I remember correctly the decisions were made back in 1998 when we were deciding upon a name for the site. Of course Robert Parker had gone, and variations of that name. Also things to do with wood, bowls (Parker Bowles), tree’s etc had all been taken. You also have to remember back then you could only have “.co.uk” or “.com” so this limited it further.

So the thought of a thank you letter that had been written to us when we had first moved to our house occurred to us. The person had been to stay when we first moved in, and where renovating the property. You can imagine the state of the place, plaster of the walls, floors missing etc. The person did not know our full address and had sent the thank you letter to “Dump on the Hill” , Bishopswood. The postman found us with just that bit of information which we thought was miraculous. May be he also noticed the state the house was in. Other factors are, that there’s not many houses in the village.

So the name was chosen, our house is not so much of a dump now but we still live on a hill, well more a plato The Blackdown Hills

I apologise to any one who finds the name offensive, as you can see it is not intended to be. We hope however it is remembered.


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