Board after care and reviving

Board after care of any of my boards is very easy. This also applies to the handles of my cheese and bread knives. All my boards are made from a natural solid one piece of wood and not made out of two or more jointed pieces of wood.

Board  and Cheese Knife

Heart Board and Cheese Knife

All are treated with olive oil which is applied with a brush and left to soak into the wood.
The reason I choose to use olive oil for the treatment and care of the wood surface is that
it is readily available to everyone and usually on the shelf in the kitchen. It is simple to apply and a natural food product. It does not go rancid like other oils such as vegetable oil. It is perfectly safe it comes into contact with the food being prepared or served on the board.

After using your board it is advisable to wash lightly in washing up water, wipe off excess water and leave to dry in a vertical position, allowing air to circulate around the board.
The cell structure of the wood will absorb water and release it under normal drying conditions. This will also wash out the oil from the surface of the wood over time. Giving the wood a dry and duller appearance. Reviving the wood will bring it back to an improved condition.

Board Reviving

To revive the board reapply olive oil with a brush and leave to dry. You can also wipe off excess oil with a paper kitchen towel, if required. It is better to allow the oil to soak in overnight however.
The reviving should be done as and when necessary.

Tips. Use one side of the board for chopping and cutting and keep one side “best” for serving.

Do not put in a dishwasher!

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