Early Blogging – How’s it all going

Strange thing blogging, I find the thinking of what to right about easy, in fact I probably have too many ideas at the moment. But from what I have started to read this will soon dry up and I will struggle to find things to blog about. We will see how I get on.

The ideas bit of it leads on to thinking about categories which I keep adjusting and refining I expect they will sort themselves out but I read in https://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_Posts you should have 7 -10. Well I might have when I’ve written that many posts.

A lot of time is spent reading how to do things and arrange things on your post page, then seeing ideas on other sites and trying to work out how to do it on yours. Searching through plugins to see if there’s anything to help. Getting side tracked by something else you’ve seen and not doing what you set out to do. I guess it’s just the way I work, but I find it strangely relaxing. Then other times desperately frustrating as it must be so easy to do “that” but can I find any information on it – No.

I will have to start asking on WordPress.org soon if I can not find out about some things, but most of the time some one else has had the same problem and there’s an answer.

Blogging It Works!

Well that’s what I’m claiming anyway, as I had another order after starting blogging, on my other site http://shop.dumponthehill.co.uk/ for one of these:

Blogging Round Board with Groove Elm

Round Board with Groove Elm

So that’s encouraging. I’ve put back a link from that site back to my blog as I did think of duplicating my posts on that site. But after doing some more reading it appears that Google etc do not like duplicate content. I could I read up on doing something even more fancy but decided that would do for now.

Future improvement.

Or things to waste more time on. I may look at customer feed back for my Shop site as I have noticed that I am influenced by this. An example being when looking at plugins – how many people have got it – Lots, then it must be good and I need it. Ebay item sold – Lots, then it must be ok, or this must be the cheapest. It’s the thing that makes up my mind anyway. Also I think it would add more credibility to the site. I will look into this and report back.


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