Finished Mirrors this week


Mirrors finished  this week, the customer who commissioned two of them are coming to select there’s soon and then the rest of the stock is going to Dansel Gallery

Brown Oak Mirrors

Brown Oak Mirror

Burr Oak Mirrors

Burr Oak Mirror












The one commission sculpted interesting mirror having more of a drift wood feel to it, is still not finished. Pictures to follow when complete.

Standard Lamps

Finished and tested a total of 6 standard obelisk shaped lamps 150cm tall, in English Walnut, Brown Oak and Chestnut wood.

Obelisk Standard Lamp

Obelisk Standard Lamp in Brown Oak


Cone Lamp Small

Cone Lamp Small 35cm Hight












Made the delivered of the Spalted Beech turned cone shape lamps to Dansel Gallery this week along with other stock.

This week I have been making an oak shelving unit for a clients kitchen with a square hole through each shelf for an adjustable square support to thread through. Pictures from the client when installed. I’m just supplying the oak to his design.

I’ve also been making stock boards for the Shop in spalted beech.

Spalted Beech Boards

Spalted Beech Boards

I have a closed stair case commission in Beech to make which I have started this week, it is 10 steps but not just straight up it turns around a post on the top 5 steps. Interesting geometry and setting out! This will probably take me all of next week to complete.


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